It is important to first understand the most important measures of Sperm Health. Normal healthy sperm and eggs improve the chance of not only successful conception (becoming pregnant) but also healthy normal development for the duration of pregnancy and a healthy live birth.

New Zealand has been involved in the search for what matters most. A clinical paper looking at data on over 90,000 people determined that Sperm Vitality and DNA Integrity are the most important factors.

Sperm Vitality (scientifically known as Progressive Motility) is the ability of sperm to be highly active, travel in the direction of the female egg and when the sperm arrives that it is ready to fertilise the egg.


DNA damage or DNA mutations (scientifically known as DNA fragmentation) is when the DNA contained in the sperm is altered from its normal state. The DNA of sperm is hugely important as it makes up approximately 50% of the genetic material of any resultant children.

Sperm with mutated and damaged DNA are linked to negative pregnancy outcomes including miscarriage, reduced offspring health and reduced live birth rate.




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